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You Are What You Eat

In Chinese Medicine, we always say you are what you eat. It is very true, what you eat everyday matters! In fact, it matters a lot.

When I treat my clients, I always ask about their life style. Then I suggest them about their diet change. For example, if a client suffers body pain, aches, even swelling, there is quite likely inflamation going on in his/her body now, so he/she should avoid deep fry food, spicy food, alcohol, etc. - all the food hot in nature.

Chinese medicine look at food by their nature and we categrize certain food to hot, warm, cool and cold types. Generally speaking, green leafy veggitables are considered cooling or cold. Hot chili peper, spicy food, deep fry food, babecu food and alcohol are considered warm and hot in nature. So if your body is experiencing lots of heat signs - such as strong bad breath, itchy red skin, body burning pain, red eyes, etc. , this means you need eat more cooling food to help your body to cool down. On the contratry, if you experience cold hands, cold feet, abdominal aches from time to time, loose stool or diarrhea, frequent clear urination, etc., this means you need eat more warming food - no cold salad, no cold smoothies, no cold icecreams, no cold sushi, etc.; instead eat more warming food like chicken soup, ginger, cinemmon, etc.

Everyone is born diffrently. Some people are colder type and some are hotter type. Eat balanced diet and monitor your body are important to obtain optum health.

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