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In order to better serve our client, we now accept appointment booking via text message to 403-669-8513. Please include the following details:

1. Your First Name and Last Name

2. Your appointment date and time

3. What type of massage (relaxation, therapeutic, feet

4. Flexibility of your appointment.

Note: Please be aware cancellation in less than 24hrs will be charged full amount.

If you prefer booking online, please provide complete information and submit at least 48hr in advance:

You may also book through

Your Full Name (First name and then last name)*

Your contact Number

Your E-mail Address:

Prefer to get a massage or acupuncture on

Prefer time:

Flexibility of my appointment

Type and Duration of my appointment (e.g. acupuncture,. 30min. relaxation; 90min therapeutic,etc.)

Your Health Concern or Questions For Us

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