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Facial - Skin Care/Massage


If you want better skin complex, more glowing, firm skin, you need try out Chinese acupressure point facial.  


Are you aware our face has the most capillaries? So if you want to have good skin, good blood circulation on the face is the key.

Express Facial 


Designed to give you the basics in a hurry. Includes cleanse, exfoliation, face and head massage, masque, toner, moisturizer


Gentleman’s Facial


Everything a man needs. Begins with a deep cleanse and exfoliation suited for a man’s thicker skin. Massage of shoulder, neck, moisturizer. For 60min., also includes extractions of unsightly black-heads, masques, moisturizer to suit your skin type


Basic Facial Care 


Rejuvenate and heal while enjoying this exquisite, relaxing facial treatment just for you and your skin type. Treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, massage, masque, toner, moisturizer application. Modification based on clients need.



Advanced Facial Care 


Treat a variety of concerns, including loss of vitality, tone and radiance, premature aging, sun damage etc.


A. Anti Wrinkles Facial Care


Designed for premature lines, wrinkles, sun damage and aged skin.


B. Whitening Facial Care


Dark spots and uneven skin tone are very common skin concerns, affecting 74% of Canadian women. Designed for dark spots and uneven skin tone.


C. Firming Facial Care


Designed for tighten skin tone.

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