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Dr. Ying Li (Frances), TCMD. R.Ac. RMT
Traditional Chinese Medical doctor, registered acupuncturist, registered massage therapist. Very diversified background. Trained in China, Thailand and Canada, she  specializes in acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, nutriceudical, energy healing, dietary therapy, weight loss, quit smoking, internal organ enhancement massage, facial rejuvenation, size down massage.

Karen, TCMD, R. Ac. & RMT
Traditional Chinese Medical doctor, registered acupuncturist and registered massage therapist. Practice cupping and guasha too.  

David, RMT
Trained both Western style and Chinese style,  specialized in deep tissue, acupressure, sports massage, foot detox reflexology. He has a dynamic background and is very dedicated in expending knowledge and improving skills. 

Helen, RMT
Helen grows up in a traditional Chinese doctors family in China. She has wide knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine due to family influence. Over 10 years massage experience in both China and Canada, she specializes in deep tissue massage, traditional Chinese massage, Cupping, Guasha, Traditional Chinese facial massage, facial skin care, hot stone, Thai Herbal Ball, stomach and intestine enhancement massage, etc. 

Kitty, RMT 
5 years experience, trained both in China and Canada, she practices traditional Chinese massage, relaxation massage, sports massage, Cupping, Guasha.

Nina, RMT
Trained both in Indonesia and Canada, she specializes in Balinese relaxation massage - over 10 year experience, Reiki, therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, facial skin care.