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Li's Chinese Therapeutic Massage Inc is a Calgary based professional massage and acupuncture center which provides  acupuncture, Chinese herbs/supplement, facial and massage (RMT, 2200+hours Cert.) treatment in Calgary. We accept insurance company's claim.
It is conveniently located at 3507 Centre Street NW (on #3 bus route at the intersection of Central Street and 34th Avenue north) of Calgary. It is easy to access through the major roads No.2 highway, Center Street, McKnight Blvd, Edmonton Trail, 16 Ave. and downtown.  Reserved parking spots are right in front of the building and plenty of  parking by the side of the 34th Avenue. For direction, please  GOOGLE MAP.
We offer acupuncture, Chinese herbs, massage, weight loss program, and facial services.

1. Deep Tissue Massage - release neck pain, frozen        
     shoulder, back pain, legs problem, sciatic, muscle      
     strain, chronic muscle aching, spasm, etc.
2. Traditional Chinese Therapeutic Massage (specialty -       walking on the back)
3. Traditional Chinese Feet Reflexology Massage(15   
    min. Chinese herb foot bath, then 45 min. foot 
    massage) - more details in the blog content
4. Swedish Relaxation Massage - general relaxation
5. Hot Stone Massage - need min. 2hr in advance notice
6. Traditional Thai Yoga Massage - lazy man yoga
7. Thai Herbal Ball Massage - very soothing, relaxing 
     and therapeutic treatment - about 5000 years history
8. Facial  Massage - treat headache, migraines, sinus 
     problem, insomnia, anxiety,etc.
9. Internal Organ Enhancement Massage - treat 
     acid reflux, heart burn, gassy, constipation, diarrhea, 
     cold hands/feet, PMS, general body aching, low 
      energy, fatigue, depression,, detox, etc.
10. Size Down Massage - you lose inches even for 1 session
11. Pre-natal Massage & post natal breast care
12. Energy Healing: ancient Tibetan Singing bowl and tuning folk to balance your energy and treat emotional issues.
13. Cupping - cough, asthma, wind-damp conditions, 
      musculo-skeletal conditions, rheumatic conditions, 
      acute sprains, common cold, gynecological 
      discorders, etc.
14 . Guasha - resolve obstruction of Qi and Blood; 
       releases the exterior, moves body fluids, moves 
        metabolic waste, etc.
15. Head massage and hair regrowth - text to 403-669-
       8513 for more details.
16. Facial Skin Care 
17. Facial Rejuvenation
We hope you can find everything you need.   We have a great team of very experienced therapists . Li's Chinese Therapeutic Massage Inc. is focused on providing high quality professional acupuncture & therapeutic and relaxing massage service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to exceed your expectations.
With a variety of massage styles to choose from and acupuncture services including weight loss program, quit smoking and infertility,  we're sure you'll be able to find the right treatment you need. Check out our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel to us.